Amarin TV Launched 2020’s Programs Plan, Update More FUN


“AMARIN TV HD Channel 34” launched 2020’s programs, news, drama, sport and variety, in the event “LEVEL UP 2020”, full happiness and level up the fun, with lots of clients, media agencies and partners attended. 


AMARIN TV Pushes Hard! Continue the year 2020 under the concept of “LEVEL UP, More Happiness and Fun”. The team of news, drama, sport and variety programs, with the business allies came together and announced the direction of more happiness and fun at the W Bangkok Hotel. 


Start the ‘LEVEL UP’ with last year success of AMARIN TV. The ratings grew by 43% and shifted from 9th to 7th of digital TV channel ranking. Even more LEVEL UP was the freshy news program, “Amarin Morning News Weekend” with rating grown by 214%, keeping up with “Tub Toh Khao” which continuously popular. Finally ending the year with the success of the first AMARIN TV’s drama “Samee Si Thong” or “The Husbands” which became strong trend in all platforms, created new phenomenon with over 400 million views online and the highest ratings up to 4.5. This considered the major success of AMARIN TV after program’s adjustment for both knowledge and entertainment programs. 


In 2020, AMARIN TV will be even more LEVEL UP with contents of news, drama, sport and variety fulfilling your happiness and increase more fun through out the year. 


Start with AMARIN TV’s news leading by Put Apiwan with the concept of making news easily to digest which include storytelling and graphic creation to enhance clarity news issue, along with the continuously develop quality team. First, Complete, AMARIN TV News 


As for variety programs, apart from adding new contents in each program, there is the new program called “Tom Yam Amarin” (ต้มยำอมรินทร์), a colorful variety talk show with hot hosts namely Dr.Un Puwanart, Erk Promporn, Aun Return, Puifai and Sani on Monday-Friday, from 12.30-13.50 hrs. Also, “Live Broadcast of Government Lottery” which will be broadcasted live on AMARIN TV on the 1st and 16th of every month, from 13.50.


Also, do not miss the sport programs AMARIN TV brings to Thai audiences. Especially, “Women’s Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament” for the last ticket to TOKYO 2020 Olympic of The Women’s National Volleyball Team of Thailand which AMARIN TV is the only channel owning the rights to live broadcasting for all volleyball fans. The tournament will be broadcasted live directly from Chaloem Phrakiat 80th Anniversary Stadium, Nakhon Ratchasima from the first to final round between January 7th – 20th, 2020.


In 2020, AMARIN TV continues to produce TV dramas collaborating with Pee Chod – Saithip Montrikul na Audhaya and Mr.Ace Vorarit Vaijairanai of CHANG 2018 delivering four quality dramas throughout the year.


  The first one is romantic drama “Talay Prae” (ทะเลแปร), starring New Wongsakorn, Fah Yongwaree, Navin Tar, Kat Katreeya, Art Phasut. Directed by Oh – Khathathep Thaiwanit, the director who directed lots of famous pieces such as Mia Noi. “Talay Prae” will air in January 2020.

Following by intense drama “Phloeng Nang”, starring Ploy Chermarn, Peter Corp, Sam Yuranan, Benz Punyaphon, Indy Intad, Tak Mayara and Moo Dilok with “Tik – Wasinee Kunanithisarn as a director.


There are two more dramas in the second half of the year, “Bangkoetklao” and “Tawan Tokdin”. You can watch the AMARIN TV’s dramas on channel 34 at 10pm every Saturday and Sunday.


All of these are the LEVEL UP 2020 More Happiness and Fun which AMARIN TV will bring to the audiences throughout 2020.