Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The Amarin Group has always been conducting business in parallel with the policy regarding environment, community and society both in normal business operations (in-process) and activities for the benefit of society and the environment (after-process) by carrying out many beneficial projects. Our aim is to cultivate the consciousness and attitude to the employees while developing the personnel care and establishing a standard of social responsibility. We hope to create benefits for the public, both social economic and environmental, the foundation of sustainable national development that can effectively drive our business operations effectively and grow sustainably, also, as our corporate culture to supports employees, our most valuable resource, to practice towards colleagues, customers and related parties.

The Amarin Group determines that social responsibility is a part of the organization's sustainability development strategy in parallel with the company's operating results under business operations that are accurate, transparent, consideration of benefits and impacts on all parties which covering the principles and practices of shareholders’ rights, equitable treatment roles of stakeholders, information disclosure and transparency, as well as responsibility of the board. Amarin Group has model for conducting and operating social, community and environment responsible business which summarized as follows:

Operating a Fair Business

Amarin Group focuses on conducting fair business without taking advantage over others. We have strong ethics to treat shareholders, employees, customers, competitors, business partners or creditors, communities, society, including all stakeholder groups equally and fairly with honesty. We adhere to important principles such as providing accurate information and sufficiently and up-to-date advice to the customers about the products and service, conducting quality products’ delivery according to agreement at a fair price follow the market prices and normal business practices (Fair and at arms') and avoid actions that cause conflicts of interest.


Amarin Group has policies and guidelines to prevent and correct all forms of corruption. We prohibit the executive board and all employees at all levels from involving in all forms of corruption and must abide by the regulations and laws of Thailand against corruption. We ban any actions which may cause conflicts of interest to the organization and prohibit from using corporate assets to seek commercial benefits for oneself or ones’ companions. Amarin Group executives have continuously emphasized on raising awareness among employees which begin with the training to educate all new employees on anti-corruption, provide knowledge about whistle blowing and protecting whistleblowers, also providing knowledge on procurement policy, procurement of potential contractors with transparent process. We have supervising process to monitor and inspect the employees to strictly comply with the law by the Internal Audit Department and business risk assessment on the business that may be involved in corruption. In 2018, the company signed a contract to announce the intention of being Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC).

Respect for human rights

Amarin Group recognizes that respect for human rights as the foundation of human resource development. Therefore, we are not allowing the organization or our employees to get involve in human rights abuses by adhering to the principles of freedom, equality and peace. We recruit Amarin Group’s employees without restriction toward race, religion and gender. We support equality, no oppression as well as no sexual harassment, no limited to rights and freedom of thought which must not affect or damage the organization.

Treat Employees Fairly

Amarin Group commit to raising the standard of labor as well as the quality of life of employees to have a better working environment with safety, healthy and support the thinking process according to the mission of the Amarin Group. In 2018, the company organized the following activities:

Yoga and Aerobics

We held yoga and aerobic in the evening, alternating 1 hour at a time to allow employees to exercise continuously throughout the year.

Dharma Lecture

Dharma lecture is held once a month by inviting monks to give a lecture to staff members, employees’ family and people who interested on various topics that are up to date and allows employees to apply the dharmic principles to practice in their daily life.

Vipassana Meditation Training

The company strongly encourages Vipassana meditation training. We held the training every year at least 6 times a year for employees, their family members and our customers to have the opportunity to practice mindfulness in order to access the true nature of the heart, be aware of owns’ thoughts and mind, the source of desire and learn how to let go, to keep peace and leading to happy lifestyle.

Skill Development

The company emphasizes on the potential development of all employees in the organization. Our employees must be trained and developed their skills according to the annual development plan. Therefore, trainings and seminars will be conducted both internally and externally throughout the year by emphasizing on both soft skills and hard skills. Moreover, every department must prepare a strategic plan for submission to the executive and related agencies to plan the work of the next year in consistent and in the same direction for the whole organization such as Slight Edge Project (do 1 get 9), a project that is designed to encourage employees to train themselves to think of new ways to improve the work process only a little but give the great result.

Responsibility to consumers

Amarin Group is committed to providing maximum confidence and satisfaction for our customers with our services and good quality work at a reasonable price, Including maintaining good and lasting relationships with customers. In 2018, the company ordered a new printer replacing the old printer which giving the ability to print quality work and able to support a variety of printing formats than the original production line. As for the technology part, the company has invested in the PUBLISHER DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM or DMP system for content analysis along with collecting consumer information and using the information to recommend appropriate content or services that help consumers to receive information that they are really interested, while the brand can present the promotion to the right target consumers who are in the process of deciding to use the service.

Caring for the Environment

The company has an environmental management process by creating a good environmental management system for the printing house and publishing production line. The raw materials left from the production and wastewater are classified as follows:

Wastewater from the Printing Production

Wastewater caused by the production process is about 10 cubic meters per day which will be passed through company designed wastewater treatment pond before releasing clear and pure water into public pond.

Other Leftover Materials from Production

Materials such as scraps of paper, film and used aluminum molds, our company sells these raw materials from production processes to the buyer for other reuse companies. As for other pollution that might affect the environment such as noise pollution caused by machine, we have built a large air-conditioned room for printing presses installation which can keep the sound generated from the printing process. We also select production chemicals that are safe for employees, users and readers which controlled by government agencies under the supervision and control of the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry and Taling Chan District Health Department, Bangkok.

Be a Part of Community and Social Development

Amarin Group promotes happy coexistence with communities and society by focusing on creating educational and vocational opportunities for youth and underprivileged to be knowledgeable, self-reliant, strong and able to live on their own (more information can be found at the activities under the topic of social responsibility).

Innovation and dissemination of innovation from the operations that related to social, environment and interested persons responsibility. Amarin Group always places importance on the development of business innovations, especially the innovation of the process of promoting and supporting all departments to come up with innovation and to participate in social, environment and interested persons responsibility both in product and service parts.