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Printing Business (On Print)


Praew Peun Dek (Amarin Baby&Kids)
Praew Peun Dek (Amarin Baby&Kids) publishes a collection of books for children aged 0-8 years old which including tales, skills development books and parenting and teaching guidebook to enhance imagination, learning development and family’s relationship.
Amarin Comics
Amarin Comics publishes a collection of knowledge books for elementary school and older children both in cartoon format and picture books of knowledge and documentary with fun content, beautiful drawings and knowledge suitable for children.
Praew Juvenile (Praew Yaowachon)
Praew Juvenile selects and publishes top-grade young adult literature both Thai literature and translated foreign literature to enhance imagination and cultivate good taste and quality of reading to Thai youth.
Spring Books
Spring Books publishes books for new generations, teenagers, students and people who just started working to reinforce their creativity and inspiration. The books include essays, cartoons, graphic novels, etc. under the concept of “Books that will make you jump higher”.
Short Cut
Short Cut publishes books that become life awaken and raise the thought of new generations who want to be their true self and succeed in their own way. The contents are about the idea, attitudes and shortcuts leading to the goal, also create work and life inspiration.
Steps publishes handbooks for young women gathering ideas, techniques and tips of every step of beauty, fashion and lifestyle transforming you into a unique girl under the concept of “Every step that makes you different”.
Amarin How-To
Amarin How-To publishes handbooks for people including collections of psychology books, business administration, finance and marketing from selected experts all over the world.
Amarin Travel
Amarin Travel publishes guidebooks and travel documentary of Thai writers and translated guidebooks as a content, entertainment and inspiration for your travel.
Rose Publishing
Rose Publishing publishes a collection of romance novels from all over the world, American, Chinese, Japanese in erotic, romance and boy’s love genres.
Arun Publishing
Arun Publishing provides you romantic novels from famous Thai and Chinese who won reader's hearts such as Kingchat, Piyaporn Sakgasem and Jutharat.
Praew Publishing (Foreign Books)
Praew Publishing (Foreign Books) selects and serves foreign novels from famous authors that are fun, thrilling and hard to put down especially in mysterious investigative and fantasy genres.
Praew Publishing (Thai Books)
Praew Publishing (Thai Books) is the house of Thai literature lovers. The country’s most received S.E.A. Write Award publisher which include novels, short stories, poetry and other creative literatures.
Amarin Publishing
Amarin Publishing publishes collections of books and picture books in every field of knowledge, easy to read, easy to understand and practical.
Amarin Health
Amarin Health serves you with physical and mental health knowledge selected from both Thai and foreign experts for everyone healthy life.
Amarin Dhamma
Amarin Dhamma presents books that help you create happiness and reduce suffering by offering books gathering correct practices and applied dharmic principles that easy to understand and apply in daily life.